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Quin Bernhardt

Vice President of Residential Lending

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Mortgages are my business, my expertise, and my success is wholly dependent on your satisfaction, which is why I am fully committed to providing you sound advice and great service. At Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. you'll find a knowledgeable and experienced staff, a wide variety of loan options, and quick, efficient processing.

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He truly cares, and he has a team
that just makes it happen.

Mark M.

I will recommend Quin Bernhardt
to anyone I can.

Kevin S.

The team were all awesome!
Easiest mortgage I've ever done!

Trevor M.

Quin spent a great deal of time stepping me through each situation.

Charlotte O.

I truly appreciate the constant attention to detail and follow through.

Joseph L.

He truly cares, and he has a team
that just makes it happen.

Mark M.

About Quin

With two decades of mortgage industry and a broad financial background, Quin Bernhardt is an ideal partner in the home financing process. Quin has originated or consulted on thousands of mortgage loans for clients while delivering an award-winning level of customer care... READ MORE

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